Monday, July 7, 2008


Aaron grew up in Memphis. He used to shine shoes at Warren's Barber Shop when he was a kid; went to school with Issac Hayes. Aaron joined the Army when he was old enough. They trained him to be a machine gunner and he went to sniper school right on the cusp of the Vietnam War. He missed combat, but not by very much. After the Army, Aaron went to school and ended up working in the morgue at Baptist Hospital. When that got dull, he did a turn in the Navy. The war was nearly over by then. After the Navy, Aaron filled a variety of positions including Plant Manager, bio-hazard courier, and these days, just two months shy of his official retirement, laborer. Every time I've ever seen him he has a perfect (double military) crease in his pants. I'd ask him if he irons them himself but I already know the answer.

Aaron and a host of other working people, usually miss the food truck when it comes. By the time they get home from work, there isn't any food left but they manage to get by somehow anyway.

Attention food bank experts: Wikipedia could use your help in refining their definition of the term: food bank.


  1. nice portrait an a amazing live story.
    it is good to see that America also has problems at home.
    Sad to here that the problems there are handled the same way as every were els.

    i never knew America had food banks.
    i wish we had them here.

    keep on downing what you do an my the gods bless you

  2. Thanks for you comment Horacio, where do you live?