Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today's options

What's wrong with this picture? It may not be terribly obvious but the two overgrown zucchinis in the foreground are the only fresh produce in the building. Where food distribution is concerned (*), fresh produce can be tricky and pretty much requires the thoughtful planning and attention of a single gardener or volunteer shopper, willing to search for it on a given day. At Hamilton UMC, there's at least one member who donates tomatoes in the summer from their own garden but this only lasts a few weeks. In the remaining months of the year, recipients make do with whatever's available. For those wondering about how the emergency food box program works, each individual is allowed three visits in six month. Most often, boxes are packed with the number of family members in mind and the three visits can be used at any time within the six months. There are some situational variations based on location and the services provided within each agency but that's the basic guideline.

(*) Please be advised that what I know about food distribution is limited to three months and two weeks of study. I'm not entirely ignorant, but I'm certainly not an authority. Those voices would be a welcome addition here so if anyone out there has thoughts, ideas or corrections, please do speak up.

There is a great post (one in a series) at Tyson's Hunger Relief blog this week, it's called Art of the Cart--5. I hadn't heard of the Food Stamp Challenge before but what a great idea. I think everyone who hasn't already been challenged by hunger, should have a big spoonful of that, if for no other reason than to sharpen our perspective.

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