Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At first glance

Hunger is deceptive

So if I were to say: "One of these women owns four hundred hats and one of these women has run out of food", you'd have no trouble guessing which was which, correct?

Now take away the hat and the food box. The odds change dramatically. It's right in front of us but we can't see it.

In this country, and maybe others as well, hunger is hidden. We pass by it every day though. We bark at it in traffic and we get annoyed when it's in front of us at the grocery store, paying for a gallon of milk, with nothing but change. I think it's because we as individuals, don't always look beyond the surface. We see without thinking. What do you think?
Thanks to the lovely Sharon Rucker, right, and Debra Lyles, left, who by the way, really does have four hundred hats. More on her later :-) And thanks also, to Ed Nicholson at Tyson's Voices for Hunger blog for posting a link to this page yesterday on his site and to all the new visitors who've happened along in the last few days. Welcome.

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