Monday, June 9, 2008

Kitchen table

There won't be a lot of the touting of fund-raisers on this page as that isn't the goal here, but occasionally if I run across something big that's particularly painless, I'll let you know. As such, for the next two weeks, Kroger is Bringing Hope to the Table, where the purchase of certain clearly marked items, garners a donation to your local food bank. Easy.

This photo was taken when I rode on the Nashville's Table truck with Alvin. For those unfamiliar with it, Nashville's Table rescues excess perishable and prepared food and delivers it around town to people who need it.


  1. Thanks to Ed Nicholson for passing this site along. This is a creative and very powerful medium for giving hunger a "face." It's inspiring me to get my creative juices flowing out here in Denver! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Welcome Denver. Thanks for the kind words (and more than happy to help :-) Don't know if you got to hear Maurice play the piano or not, but he's been a big hit too in the inspiration (audio) department. Stop back anytime.

  3. Kroger's is an example. I hope the other chain grocery stores sit up and take notice.