Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cannon County

Short Mountain Bible Camp, at the top of Short Mountain.

I set off in a white van Tuesday with two women from Second Harvest Food Bank. They were traveling to a couple of outlying counties to do site visits. Just for those who don't know, a site visit is when a Field Representative goes out to the partner agencies either to get them set up initially, or to generally see how they're doing. There's a little bit of an inspection but it's not nearly as stressful say, as a visit from the Health Department or the guy from Codes showing up. It's more like a check-up at the dentist but without the drilling.

We ended our day with an excursion to Short Mountain Bible Camp. They didn't have a site visit scheduled but were kind enough to let us visit anyway.

One question that lingered on our minds throughout the trip was: How do the people who live that far out in the country manage to support themselves (jobs being sparse and gas being four dollars a gallon)? Are there (there must be) rural poor families who are no longer able to afford the commute?

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