Friday, June 27, 2008

Take all

Judy used to work third shift at Wal-Mart and then one day her husband had a stroke. From that point forward, misfortune came for both of them, in violent waves. The initial onslaught lasted about three years. He became a diabetic. She became a diabetic. He had vascular surgery - nine times. She became depressed and quit her job. He recovered. She had a heart attack. His back gave out. She had her leg amputated.
He died.

Miserable and angry, and convinced she'd never walk again, she sold her car one month, to pay the rent.

Now, ten months later, facing double bypass surgery, she's down to selling bricks. She asks a neighbor regularly, what point there is in living and the neighbor, try as she might, doesn't always have a good answer.

Judy, like Malea in an earlier post, recently received her second emergency food box.

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